What Inspires My Table

I have been collecting cookbooks for many years. I love to read cookbooks as if they were novels reading each recipe and learning about the chef or author, different techniques and food combinations. 

I have also been a fan of cooking shows, being inspired by many of the first TV chefs. Since I was a young child, my mother and I would watch Julie Child together, along with other PBS shows as Martin Yan's, Yan Can Cook, Jeff Smith's Frugal Gourmet and Natalie Dupree. 

Today, I still love to watch cooking shows and I have been a Food Network fan since its airing when it was called "Food TV". I became inspired by a new group of chefs at the time, such as Emeril Lagasse, Susan Feniger, Michael Chiarello, Bobby Flay, and then later Giada De Laurentiis. Then came the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, with her easy, no fuss recipes and casual entertaining lifestyle of the east coast, that I find comforting. 

A lot of things inspire me to cook: seasons, holidays, travel, cookbooks, markets, memories, almost anything... and it is here where I share it all with you. 



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