Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Was Just One of Those Nights

My day started off good.  It was a pretty typical morning.  I got up, let the dogs out, fed them, kids got up, one by one, had coffee, had something to eat, kids left one by one, and then I shower and go to work.  In between any of that, I am on checking Facebook and Instagram, making lunches, watching the Today show, and thinking about what to make for dinner, who has to go where, and when I squeeze in getting my hair colored, or do a load of laundry.

Earlier in the day my friend Stephanie, who is one of my only friends who actually likes to cook, asked me for inspiration for dinner. She says she wants to make something with chicken, peppered bacon and red wine.  Ooo, a recipe search! I love a recipe search.  I try to think of something off the top of my head and I suggest to wrap the bacon around the chicken, bake it, and make come kind of sauce with the red wine. We go back and forth a little, and then I had work stuff I needed to do and I told her I'd get back to her.  At lunch, I searched for a recipe that she could use and emailed two to her.

Later on she emailed me back and said she would try a modifyed version of one of the recipes I had forwarded to her, but she didn't want to open a whole can of tomato paste for a half of a teaspoon. So, I told her I've used pasta sauce before, or she could use ketchup, as a substitute. Then, I remembered that Trader Joe's has tomato paste in a resealable tube, and I tell her this.

It's now 3 o'clock, and my daughter comes home.  We watch Ellen together, and have a bite to eat.  I pick my son up at 3:30, and he is always starving after school.  I drive him to get him something to eat. I know I shouldn't, he should have a snack at home, but I do it.  He wanted sushi, and I'm just happy that he actually eats sushi, remembering how he was such a picky eater when he was a toddler.  He orders his sushi to go and we drive home.  He opens the container, only to find that he was given the wrong order, and back I went to get the right roll. Ugh!

Tonight, my daughter has dance and she likes to eat earlier than the rest of us, because she doesn't like to dance on a full stomach.  So, that's fine. I ask her if a salad with the chicken I had grilled from last night is ok.  She said fine and I make her a salad with red onions, goat cheese, pine nuts, the chicken and a raspberry vinagriette.  Sounds good, right?  She ate about 2/3 of it and said it tasted funny.  Tasted funny?  Ok, I taste it, nothing seems wrong with it to me. Ugh!

Now, I know what you are thinking, and I am thinking the same thing too, but I'm a wuss and I want her to eat.  She has dance and she needs fuel.  I remember when I was in grade school and I didn't eat my broccoli. My father made me sit at the table until I finished it.  My mother had cleaned up around me and turned off the lights and only left on the kitchen light that was above the table.  I felt like I was going to be interrogated (LOL).  I was so stubborn.  I sat there and didn't eat any of it. I can laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny at the time. I wasn't about to make her a whole new meal, but I had an egg roll that was left over in the fridge and I heated that up.  She ate it, everything was fine.  Was it the best dinner? No, but she ate something. Ugh!

While my daughter is eating, I'm on the phone with a very old friend of mine, who I haven't talked to in ages. She is a blogger for a viral blogging platform and she and I were talking shop when my husband walked in. Where did the time go? I needed to get dinner started!  I thanked my friend for some information and advice, and hung up with her.  I get a text message from Stephanie who sends me a picture of the Trader Joe tomato paste tube. She had some after all, so she could make her dinner.

My husband had suggested I make pork chops, the thin ones with the bone, and make them Shake n' Bake style. I mixed together some seasoned breadcrumbs and panko breadcrumbs with a little salt.  I dipped the chops in egg, then into the breadcrumbs, put them on a greased pan and put them in the oven. When I checked on them I noticed that I didn't have the oven on the right temperature, and the breadcrumbs weren't getting crispy and brown. Instead it looked mushy, and I flipped them over to cook them on the other side, and the crumbs started falling off. Ugh! So, I adjust the temperature, scrape up the fallen mushy breadcrumbs and put them back on the chops. I'm hoping that I don't over cook the chops now, as I try to get them crispy. I ended up finishing them under the broiler. They must have been OK, because my husband ate every speck of meat off the bones.

So, after dinner I get a text from Stephanie saying, "OMG.  After all that I was on the phone with business when I was cooking. So, I just improvised the recipe. Now that I'm cleaning up I realized I forgot the tomato paste!!!"  Sometimes it's just one of those nights and dinner doesn't always go how you want it to.

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