Friday, June 1, 2012

Popsicles for Grown-ups

Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck would come down your street?  Or maybe you lived near a Dairy Queen or some other place that sold ice cream and popsicles.  We lived near a Dairy Queen, and every summer my friends and I would walk or ride our bikes there for a treat. What kid doesn’t like an ice cream cone or a cool, icy popsicle on a hot day.  Grape Mr. Misty was my favorite, or sometimes I’d get a Dilly Bar. Ice pops were another favorite summer time treat.  Well, you don’t have to be a kid (you can’t be a kid for these pops!) to enjoy a popsicle on a hot day.  These popsicles for grown ups are refreshing for any summertime occasion.  This easy, no fuss recipe is from Ingrid Hoffman who made this recipe for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival cookbook. These popsicles would make a whimsical and colorful display either presented on a tray with crushed ice or in glasses, or with the stick in cute paper cups to catch the melted ice.  Listed are Ingrid’s suggestions, but you could get creative with any other flavored popsicle and alcohol of your choice.  Popsicles come in so many flavors these days. Release your inner child, treat your self to one.

Frozen Pina Colada Pops
Serves 6
1/2 cup rum
6 frozen coconut all-fruit popsicles
1 cup Demerara or Turbinado sugar
Toasted coconut flakes (I think could be optional)

Frozen Margarita Pops
Serves 6

1/2 tequila
6 frozen lime all-fruit popsicles
Margarita salt or kosher salt

Pour the alcohol into a tall, narrow glass. Remove frozen pops from their wrappers and submerge them, one by one, in the glass of rum, tilting the glass to completely moisten the entire popsicle. Sprinkle side with sugar and toasted coconut. Serve immediately, or return to freezer until ready to enjoy.

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