Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscar Winning Appetizers - Easy and Elegant

Bring a little simple elegance to your table this Sunday, while you are watching the awards, with these easy appetizers. I love the simplicity of them all. Camembert and pears is a great appetizer for those who are watching their diet, because the pear is the base for the cheese. The ricotta and fig crisps with honey, is another healthy option by using multi grain crackers. The sweetness of the fig butter and honey is delicious. Another simple appetizer is the prosciutto wrapped gnocchi. Using store bought Parmesan gnocchi makes this appetizers even easier.

Camembert and Pear by Peter Callahan, celebrity caterer

2 Bosc pears
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 small Camembert round
Garnish with Fresh oregano or mint leaves

Cut pears into thin slices. Squeeze lemon juice on the cut slices. Thinly slice Camembert and top each pear with one slice. Garnish with Oregano or mint.

Ricotta and Fig Crisps with Honey - Adapted from Gail Simmons - Top Chef Desserts

Whole wheat crackers of your choice. I used Trader Joe's Multigrain Crackers
1 jar Trader Joe's Fig Butter
1 small container of fresh ricotta
Honey (optional)
Sea salt or Kosher salt (optional)

Spread some ricotta an a cracker. Put a small dollop of fig butter on top. Add a few drops of honey on top. Sprinkle with a tiny pinch of salt.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Gnocchi - Adapted from Francois Payard

1 package Parmesan gnocchi (I used Pasta Prima 100% Natural from Dominick's)
1 package of prosciutto
Garlic olive oil

Wrap each piece of gnocchi with a strip of prosciutto. Secure with toothpick. Heat 1 tablespoon of garlic olive oil in a small saute pan. Cook gnocchi until the prosciutto is browned and the gnocchi is a bit too. Remove toothpicks before serving.
Wrap prosciutto around gnocchi, secure with toothpick

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