Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding A Seat At Your Table

Recently, I began to think about my New Year's post from December 31, 2011. "In 2012 may you all find the joy of cooking and celebrating with family and friends, creating wonderful memories around your table." For many of us we are too busy or tired to get a meal together. Our schedules are crazy and our priorities maybe a little unbalanced. When I was growing up we didn't have so many activities as our children do today. We weren't so connected with everyone either. No cell phones, no email, no texts. Life was a little more simpler back then. When I was growing up my mother always made dinner. There was no take out (except for maybe on Sunday) and going out to dinner was for special occasions. The table was always set properly with placemats, plates, napkins, silverware in the right places and glasses. I also remember her meal was always balanced. A meat or fish with a starch and a vegatable, and we always sat down as a family and we would talk about our day. Recently, I was talking with a friend about family meal time. My friend said to me that even if it is just her and her daughter home for dinner she still requires that they set the table. Her daughter will sometimes protest and say, "why does it matter?", to which my friend says, "It does matter". Now, I am not expecting that families be like the "Cleaver's" or the "Walton's". Surely, though, we can find at least one evening to make a meal and sit down as a family. When our days and lives are so hectic, impart from all our texting and emailing and work loads, setting time to sit down as a family is so important. It is a time to connect with one another. Sharing a meal is so simple and yet it means so much. Find a seat at your own table. Relax, connect and laugh with your family. My hope for my blog and Facebook page is that it truly inspires you to cook, to entertain in a way that suits you, and to try something new.

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